Gymboree Loyalty Program


Enjoy exclusive benefits by using your Gymboree Loyalty card every time you shop. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Gymboree, and For every 300 points earned, you'll receive a $50 reward credit. Membership is free - enrol now!

Gymboree Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

The Gymboree Loyalty Program is brought to you by Gymboree Australia.Gymboree may, at any time, terminate, alter or modify the Gymboree Loyalty Program and/or these terms and conditions without any further obligations and/or benefits to members. We will provide you written notices via email or a notice posted on should we terminate, alter or modify the Gymboree Loyalty Program and/or these terms and conditions. "Terms and conditions” shall refer to these terms and conditions, as they are modified by Gymboree in its sole and absolute discretion.

GYMBOREE AUSTRALIA, GYMBOREE LOYALTY PROGRAM, GYMBOREE.COM.AU, and other Gymboree Australia trademarks and logos are the intellectual property of Brands Squared Pty Ltd and/or its affiliates. These terms and conditions are void where and to the extent prohibited by law.

How to Join

Gymboree Loyalty Program membership is open to all persons who have reached the age of 18yrs with a delivery address in Australia or New Zealand. No purchase is necessary to join the Gymboree Loyalty Program. By joining and participating in the Gymboree Loyalty Program  you represent that you have reached the age of 18 in your state or province of residence and you agree to these terms and conditions. Your membership is non-transferable and is subject to these terms and conditions, as they may be amended from time to time. Your membership is valid only at participating Gymboree Australia and New Zealand stores and at Gymboree Loyalty Program membership is not available for purchases on, or any other Gymboree international sites. Enrolment begins upon Gymboree’s receipt and acceptance of your complete application.

A current, valid email address must be on record in order for a member to be eligible to receive rewards certificates, select bonus offers and other membership benefits. When you enrol at a participating store, you will receive a membership card. When you enrol online, you will receive an email confirming your membership. If you make a purchase when you enrol online, your membership card will be included in your online order shipment (provided you ship the order to yourself at your billing address). If you enrol online and do not make a purchase but would like to receive a membership card, you can go to a participating store to receive a membership card. If you receive a membership number via email and later receive a membership card with a different membership number, we will link the accounts together so that you will have a primary membership account where all of your points accumulate. You are solely responsible for protecting your membership number and membership card and not sharing your membership number with anyone else.

Gymboree’s employees and their spouses/domestic partners, franchisees and employees of franchisees are not eligible to participate in the Gymboree Loyalty Program.

How to Earn Points

As a member of the Gymboree Loyalty Program  you will earn one point for every $1 Australian Dollar (for New Zealand in-store purchases, you will earn one point for every $1 New Zealand Dollar) you spend on qualifying purchases, net of taxes when you use your membership card at the time of purchase in-store at participating Gymboree locations in Australia and New Zealand, or when you enter your membership number online at when making an online purchase. Purchases are in AUD Dollars at participating stores in Australia and online; purchases are in New Zealand Dollars for purchases in participating New Zealand stores.

Points will post to your account approximately seven days from in-store purchase and seven days from the date of shipment for online orders. You can earn additional points through special offers and promotions as designated by Gymboree, in its sole discretion, from time to time. Point calculations are based upon dollars including taxes spent at checkout on qualifying purchases. When products are returned or exchanged, points will be deducted from your Gymboree Loyalty Program account for the amount of return or the difference in the exchanged product (if the new item is less than the original item) net of taxes. When products are subject to a price adjustment, points will be deducted from your Gymboree Loyalty Program account for the incremental amount of the price adjustment net of taxes. Purchases made with a merchandise credit will not earn points. Points cannot be earned on purchases made prior to joining the Gymboree Gymboree Loyalty Program  You may only earn points on purchases made with your membership number for up to three purchases in a day.

Only one membership card or membership number may be used in connection with a purchase. Points will only post to one Gymboree Loyalty Program account per person. If you have more than one Gymboree Loyalty Program account, points earned from qualifying transactions will be credited to the primary account designated by Gymboree, in its sole and absolute discretion.

How to Receive Rewards

For every 300 points you earn in the Gymboree Loyalty Program, you will receive a rewards credit redeemable for a $50 discount off a future purchase of any qualifying products at Gymboree or Rewards credits will be issued in multiples of $50 for every 300 points you earn during an earnings period. Rewards credits are not redeemable for "Non-Qualifying Items". 300 Points will be automatically deducted from your account for every $50 rewards credit issued to you. Rewards credits will be issued by email or in store at time of your next visit. Rewards credits will be redeemable in Australian Dollars if spent in a participating Australian Gymboree store or at Rewards credits will be redeemable in the same denomination in New Zealand dollars if spent in a participating New Zealand Gymboree store. For example, if you earn a $50 rewards credits in a New Zealand Gymboree store, the rewards credit will be worth $50 NZD. However, if you earn the rewards certificate at or in an Australian Gymboree store , the rewards certificate will be worth $50 Australian Dollars.


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